Happy Monday, gorgeous Sapphic babes. Let’s fast-forward to your epic programs for work Day week-end. Are you staying in, having a container of rosé, and binge-watching Netflix? You will be? Really, the team at GO Magazine highly recommends one transform those idle ideas of yours. Most likely, summer time is nearly


, babes, and you’ll have many unhappy, freezing several months receive inebriated off wine into the comfortable surroundings of your own home.

Which weekend is


week-end going around. Observe and get observed! And what much better spot to do it than legendary lesbian club
Henrietta Hudson
? What i’m saying is, it’s not only an essential of New York City lesbian culture, even so they’re having an extremely unique celebration this
Sunday Funday Sep 2

Yes it’s true, the sexy girls of HH are helping up an insane
White Celebration
honoring work time week-end. Yes, you will see flowing liquor. Yes, you will have ass-shaking beats. And


, you will see various hot ladies dressed up in white. It should be such as the
Dinah Shore
once again, hottie, just this is certainly a white party it doesn’t call for an exorbitantly pricey airplane citation into the West Coast.

For those who haven’t already cluster texted your queer group to create intentions to meet at HH this Sunday (preciselywhat are you performing? DO IT NOW), listed here is 10 more reasons why you should get the cute self from the apartment and into Hen’s this weekend.

1. genuinely: You’ve gotten slightly

terrifically boring.

Sorry, hottie, but it is the truth, and truth sometimes affects. Does every single one of one’s vacations seem like standard pleased hours and many more standard brunches? Or will you be truly becoming lame and just resting and watching TV all of the really time?


You have to get out and do something in a different way!

Something like pre-gaming with your hottest pals and gaining your sexiest getup and turning up at Henrietta Hudson! Kindly, escape the really residence and saunter inside celebration on the weekend. You are throwing away a numerous years of your young people, you understand.

2. the new heels (or sexy dyke boots) anxiously need a night out.

Offer those system sandals you over-nighted from
Dolls Eliminate
enough time they need. These are generally worth one thing much better than rotting away in cabinet. You arrived on the scene of
that wardrobe
; they must aswell.

3. provide your own dildo a rest!

Remember the excitement of selecting some body right up at a bar, like,


? Stop together with the all the cool dating programs, depressed nights, and masturbating sessions. That is what cold weather is actually for, babes.

4. It is your final possiblity to put on white!

Slap on a little white crop very top earlier’s far too late!

5. It is gonna be cold AF quickly.

The audience is set for a savagely cool Ny wintertime (i am no weatherologist, but, like, one could think?). I am talking frigid winds, piling accumulated snow, dark heavens — you are sure that the discouraging bargain. Why not appreciate among finally hot, hot, invigorating New york nights in the middle of hot queer women?

6. The hot lesbians from out-of-town will be there.

These are hot women, Hen’s can be


with them. Chances are you’ll or may well not know this, but when you Google “lesbian club NYC,” Henrietta Hudson will be the *first* result. What does that mean, my personal dear queer? This means that when sexy, international Sapphic darlings tend to be shopping the majestic metropolis the very first time, Henrietta Hudson could be the basic homosexual bar they come across. It’s simply the Ellis Island of gay.

7. ‘Cause you need to hook-up with some body from out of town! You already hooked up with everybody in Brooklyn (and half of Manhattan).

Prevent resting with your ex simply because it’s convenient preventing happening dull dates with your ex’s ex. Its getting weird over in lesbo-land. You will need to hook-up with someone that doesn’t know your queer best friend’s bowling lover’s chakra aligner’s cat’s baby-sitter’s soaring signal. Consider outdoors ~ce box~.

8. Hot go-gos will likely be rocking the bar.

Who willnot need to get rid of their particular summer time with hot queer go-go dancers strutting their particular gorgeousness overall you? In addition, citizen music-makers DJ Culi and DJ Tikka Masala is truth be told there rotating the latest reggaeton, party, home, and EDM.

9. Cuffing season is almost upon all of us.

It’s about to make into


The summer season by which all lesbians thrive. Not only because we seem hot in bamboo and leather, but since it is cuffing period. And united states lesbians want to cuff. Therefore discover your own fall cuffing partner this weekend. She’s out there. We



This one is really worth duplicating, all of you. This big celebration weekend + preferred lesbian club + out of town lezzies = LIT.

Therefore escape, indeed there babe. Henrietta Hudson at 438 Hudson St. is where getting the great summer time send-off!